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Our City Festival is a platform for dynamic art and architecture events, that explore urbanism in Phnom Penh and fosters opportunities for dialogue and public engagement.


It’s my pleasure and honor to introduce the fourth edition of the Our City Festival.  The concept for Our City emerged in 2008 as a response to the rapid developments happening in Phnom Penh.  I asked my colleagues in the arts and architecture community to join together in creating events around the theme of urbanism.  The response was very positive and enthusiastic.  Over the years each of the participants has committed significant personal energy and resources which I have allowed us to create a dynamic program.  Since then we have been working together to make Our City what it is today.

Building on this energy, this year we have taken it from a monthly theme to a full-fledged festival with a team of creative professionals.  The team includes designer Naomi SAVIO and curators, Kate O’HARA and Natalie PACE.  Thanks to Naomi’s expertise in design we have established a logo for Our City and the cover/poster image for this year’s festival, one that suggests celebration, excitement and diversity in the city.

Kate and Natalie as curators have made major contributions to the development of the festival for this year.  Their research and input have solidified the participatory approach and have nurtured a stronger community.  A process of workshops and interviews lead to an inclusive theme, expressed poetically, allowing for the multiple voices to engage in the festival.

You will find these voices present in the programming and statements which have been cultivated together with the contributors throughout the process.  As a platform, Our City Festival aims to build dialogues across multiple sectors and inspire positive collaboration.

Thank you to all who have contributed to the festival!  I would also like to thank our supporters, without which we would not have been able to expand the festival activities.


Dana Langlois
Our City Festival Coordinator

PS. Download the FULL PROGRAM BOOKLETor the QUICK GUIDE to print!






Image by Naomi Savio


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